Starting a company in Czech Republic / Incorporating a company in Czech Republic

Our portal is dedicated to all those who wish to invest in Czech Republic in the broadest sense of the word. Investing can be understood as forming a company or buying shares in already operating companies in order to fraction the investments, or , simply fiscally optimizing their incomes by opening a facility in Czech Republic or becoming resident in this country.

We cater to small and medium-sized Italian companies, and to individuals who respectively wish to displace their company or part of it, or simply open a secondary branch in the Czech Republic by taking advantage of the very moderate taxation, or simply to those searching an alternative residence to the Italian one with a number of great benefits on the fiscal level, but not just limited to this.

The current social, economic and fiscal Italian situation, living a constant degradation and with constantly increasing taxes, bureaucracy and endless imposts of any kind requires us to bring to you attention a country that, in many respects, is really very little known.
Czech Republic is today the best alternative among the countries of the European community in terms of taxation, speed of bureaucracy, health care, and costs. The “dry” taxation for individual companies is 15% per year, 19% for companies and only 12.5% for personal income.

We offer turnkey solutions for residence applications, rental / sales of private or commercial use properties, company formation, translation, fiscal and tax consulting.
What are you waiting for then? Contact us for any question or request for information. Our staff will be happy to assist you via email or by phone, obviously in perfect Italian.
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